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Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance Dubai, UAE - Nasco Middle East Insurance Brokers Dubai, UAE - Life savings Contractor’s risks - Workmen’s compensation

Engineering Insurance Dubai, UAE

The main policies offered by us are the following: Erection All Risks Insurance Contractors All Risks Insurance Advance Loss of Profits Insurance Plant & Machinery All Risks Insurance Machinery Breakdown Insurance Machinery Loss of Profits Insurance Deterioration of Stock Insurance Boiler & Pressure Vessels Insurance

What is Contractors All Risk Insurance?

Contractors All Risk Insurance covers damage to property, such as building works or contract works that are being carried out, existing premises of the principal etc. In addition, the policy can also provide coverage for third party liabilities arising out of negligence on the project site.

Who can be insured under the above policy?

The CAR policy provides coverage for various parties involved in the contract starting from the principal to the main contractors, sub-contractors, architects, engineers, project management consultants etc. This is generally done on a named basis, but it can also be done on an unnamed basis exceptionally for sub-contractors.

Whose responsibility is it to arrange insurance cover for pre-existing property during building and alterations works?

This question is regularly posed by both builders and property owners and the answer is quite simple: it is the responsibility of the property owner to effect and maintain insurance on their property, unless the building contract states otherwise.